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Say It Straight Student Workbooks/Journals

(1) Younger Elementary School $6.75 ea. .

Preview Early Elementary School Sample Page

(2) Elementary School $8.75 ea.

Preview Elementary School Sample Page

(3) Middle School $9.25 ea.

Preview Middle School Sample Page

(4) High School $11.50 ea.

Preview High School Sample Page


Say It Straight Adult Workbooks/Journals

$10.25 ea.

Preview Adult Sample Page

Say It Straight Trainer Manual

A detailed step-by-step guide to the training. $250.00 ea.

The Book BEING Within-Between-Among-Beyond $13.95
The Journal for BEING $10.25
Listen to the Guided Imagries of BEING (USB stick) $12.50
Mending Broken Hearts $12.00

Say It Straight Training Packets for Master Trainers $350.00 ea.

Say It Straight DVDs

Dr. Englander-Golden doing Say It Straight Training
           $50.00 ea. (Set of three $135.00)

(1) Say It Straight Training: In The Classroom.

(2) Say It Straight Training: Student Support Groups.

(3) Say It Straight Training: Family-Community Series.


Say It Straight Posters & Questionnaires

Set of ten 8½" x 11" Posters for enlarging and photocopying $15.00.

Set of eleven 21.25" x 27.5" Color Posters $180.00.
Set of eleven 15.5" x 11" Color Posters $40.00.

Set of all Questionnaires for photocopying $40.00.

Individual sets of Questionnaires- Elem. Sch., Middle Sch., High Sch., Parent/Community $10.00 ea.

Say It Straight Game

Say It Straight Challenge - Students & Families $38.50.



Say It Straight (CD)

Say It Straight: Guided Visualizations by Paula Englander-Golden. $20.00


Say It Straight Book
Say It Straight: From Compulsions to Choices by Paula Englander-Golden and Virginia Satir. Science and Behavior Books, P.O. Box 60519, Palo Alto, CA, USA (1991). Can be ordered from


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Listen to SIS Song

Virginia Satir

SIS training is a well thought out program for improving the psychological health of people of all ages.

Virginia Satir, Pioneer Family Therapist and Author

Listen to the SIS Song

Listen to SIS Song

What Others Say

Say It Straight will open doors to primary prevention, relapse prevention and the promotion of wellness.

Maxwell Weisman, M.D.
Past President, American Society of Addiction Medicine; Founder and first Director of the Alcoholism Administration of the Maryland State Dept. of Health and Mental Hygiene

What Others Say