We can bring a Say It Straight Training of Trainers Workshop to your location if you have at least 6 people to be trained or you can join a workshop in another location. See Upcoming Workshops. If we bring an SIS training to your location, you will be responsible for a room to do the training in, travel, food and lodging for a Master Say It Straight Trainer (Cost to bring a Master Trainer to you is about $1,000 - $1,400 depending on location and time of year.)

Say It Straight Training of Trainers

Basic SIS Training of Trainers Workshop: 3 day intensive workshop to prepare 6-12 participants to become SIS Trainers who can conduct SIS Training in schools, with parents, families, communities, organizations, in treatment, prisons, group homes, shelters, etc. (3½ day workshops for 13-18 participants). Cost: $850 US per attendee. The cost includes a 140 page step-by-step Trainer Manual, samples of five Workbooks/Journals for different age groups that are to be given to each person in your trainings, black and white posters that can be enlarged and colored to be used in your trainings and evaluation materials for different age groups that may be copied and used to evaluate your trainings. Already colored 8½ x 11 inch posters are also available on request.

Optional review and feedback to certify SIS Trainers includes statistical analysis of pre and post-training questionnaires administered by the trainer and a review of subjective feedback from people trained. Trainers become Certified SIS Trainers on the basis of their work with about 30 participants. Cost: $450 US per review.

Becoming a Master Say It Straight Trainer

Requirement to become a Master SIS Trainer: Master SIS Trainers are certified to train SIS trainers as well as work directly with the populations identified above. To become a Master SIS Trainer you need to conduct SIS training with one or more groups (about 30 people) using SIS Workbooks/Journals and SIS Posters. The work needs to be videoed and appropriate SIS objective questionnaires need to be administered to participants before and after training. In addition, the SIS Subjective Feedback Questionnaire needs to be administered after training. The questionnaires and videos should be sent to the Say It Straight Foundation for review and feedback. The review includes statistical analysis of pre and post-training questionnaires, review of the subjective questionnaire and feedback on Trainers' work on the videos. Trainers are certified as Master Trainers on the basis of their work. Most Trainers are certified as Master Trainers after one review. Cost: $750 US for the first review. The cost of a second review, if necessary, depends on how much material needs to be reviewed. SIS Internship is available for experienced SIS trainers who wish to become Master Trainers. Cost: $350 US per person. The internship is not required.

Other SIS Workshops

Tailored for specific needs, of variable length and cost: These workshops can be organized for 1 or more days or weekend retreats.

●    Transforming Breakdowns to Breakthroughs is designed for business, agencies, organizations and boards to create effective work-teams, prevent burnout in high stress environments and maximize creativity through empowering behavior/communication. To find more about this go to:

From Breakdowns to Breakthroughs in Organizations

●    Peace Within, Peace Between, Peace Among is designed to transform what stands in the way of your group’s potential (family or any group) to achieve their shared and personal goals. In groups with multi-cultural and multi-ethnic members, people discover their fundamental sameness, their diversity and how their uniquiness is rooted in both. This opens the path for enemies to become friends and work together to achieve their common goals.

●    Blending Organizational Cultures is designed to successfully merge two or more organizations and create a new working climate.

●    Community Networking is designed to develop School-Family-Community cooperative systems.

    Communication/Behavior Excellence is for anyone interested in creating new openings for themselves that empower them and others. It promotes excellence in communications by helping participants connect to their inner resources, recognize their deepest yearnings and learn to give them expression in empowering ways. This is a journey of transformation toward empowerment, positive self-worth, self-care, resilience and leadership. This workshop is appropriate even for groups that already work well together.

    Love Can Be Better At Any Time is designed to achieve breakthroughs in intimate relationships and quality of life.

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Virginia Satir

SIS training is a well thought out program for improving the psychological health of people of all ages.

Virginia Satir, Pioneer Family Therapist and Author

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Listen to SIS Song

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A must for anyone interested in prevention and sustained recovery.

Donna Woods
Former Director, Governor's Commission for a Drug Free Indiana

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